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Physical Bitcoins

Physical bitcoins are available for purchase from Casascius. These are actual brass, silver and electroplated gold coins and bars. Physical and trade-able coins that are linked to a real generated bitcoin hash (es). I have yet to check out or purchase one of these, Read more

BTC-E Afternoon Market Snapshot

Afternoon market snapshot for April 3rd, 2013 5:20 PM EST shows BTC/USD retreating to $104.00 on what looks to be profit taking from a near 30% rise in value overnight. LTC/BTC is holding steady at around 0.0357. LTC/USD has flirted Read more

MtGox Afternoon Market Snapshot

MtGox suffered several DDOS attacks today, in what looks like an attempt to manipulate prices by halting open trading. Although this is speculation, this is to be expected in a market overwhelmed by price moves and volume, not seen in Read more